Top Cut Feedlot

Top Cut Feedlot
77197 HWY 207
Echo, OR 97826
Phone: 541-564-0476
Fax: 541-564-0477

Top Cut Feedlot is a 6,000 head capacity lot that specializes in backgrounding calves, growing stocker calves, and developing bulls and replacement heifers.  Multiple sizes of pens are available for custom sized lots of cattle.  Cattle are bunk fed a ration twice a day that is designed by Marty Gill and Performix Nutrition. 

Top Cut Feedlot has experience in growing natural cattle, and maintains a separate set of equipment to blend feed for pens of natural calves. 

We'd love to visit with you about growing your investment in cattle at Top Cut Feedlot in an efficient, practical and economical manner. 

Contact us today for pen space availability and pricing!