Double M Ranch runs a large herd of commercial cows that are primarily Angus and Simmental influenced. 

The ranch utilizes privately owned flood irrigated pastures that consist of native and improved grasses.  High intensity, short duration grazing is utilized in the spring and summer, and the cowherd is fed hay in the winter months and thru the calving season.  Double M maintains both a fall herd and spring herd set of cows.  Double M strives to run cows that are high performing, phenotypically correct, and wean an agressive set of calves. 

Artificial insemination is utilized in a majority of the herd, and following AI five breeds of bulls are utilized (Angus, Simmental, Sim-Angus, Charolais & Hereford) to promote heterosity.  Double M also works with area purebred breeders to provide embryo recipients, and facilitates the flushing process at the ranch.  Click here to learn more about this program.

Calves are weaned in the late summer & early fall and are backgrounded at Top Cut Feedlot.  Replacement heifers are available for sale in the fall and winter months.

For questions about the cattle, contact a representative from the ranch.